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Closed-Loop Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis for Droplet Manipulation
Inventors at the University of Hawaii have developed a novel method for closed-loop axisymmetric drop shape analysis (CL-ADSA), taking it beyond traditional surface tension measurement to a sophisticated tool for manipulating millimeter-sized droplets. This closed-loop system enables real-time measurement AND precise control of droplet properties s...
Published: 8/18/2016   |   Inventor(s): Yi Zuo
Keywords(s): Automation, Chemical:Coatings, Chemical:Detergent/Cleaners, Computer:Software, Contact angle, Devices:Medical Support, Drop shape analysis, Droplet manipulation, Healthcare:Diagnostic Tool, Instrumentation:Analytical, Materials:Thin Films, Real-time analysis, Research Tool, Surface tensiometry, Surface tension
Category(s): Engineering
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