Real-Time Isothermal Sequence Specific Detection of DNA with Non-Contact Temperature Controller (Exclusively Licensed - please inquire to learn more)

Case ID: 00758


Simple, rapid, and specific DNA-based diagnostics tools are urgently needed for variety of clinical health application and critical pathogens detection programs for containment, treatment, and eradication. Unfortunately, most instruments for DNA analysis are bulky, slow, require trained operators applying a sequence of operations for sample preparation, and are confined to laboratories isolated from points where they are most immediately needed. With emerging risks such as bio-terrorism, disease pandemics in low resource settings such as the developing world, and devastating accidental introductions of important agricultural pathogens into prime agricultural regions, there is a growing need for rapid, inexpensive, simple, disposable technologies to deliver the selective and flexible performance of DNA based diagnostics in the field and in makeshift laboratories. In general, DNA techniques are the most adaptable analytical techniques to identify organisms and determine their origin and other biological characteristics, especially among populations of highly similar strains which may have varying persistence in the environment and other virulence factors.



The available technology is a simple molecular process and associated instrument that can be used for simultaneous copying and detection of sequence specific genomic DNA (native DNA from an organism) at a constant temperature, which can be implemented on a simple disposable platform with low power requirements compared to traditional systems requiring thermal cycling.


Patent Information:
Ryo Kubota
Daniel Jenkins

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Kenneth Takeuchi
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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