A Stable Recombinant Peroxidase for Industrial Applications

Case ID: 01085



    Qing X. Li and Boting Wen



    The inventors identified a stable peroxidase enzyme not currently in use industrially.  They engineered the protein, and altered its native composition, in order to create a highly efficient expression system scalable to large-scale manufacture.  They have demonstrated that this altered protein has retained its stability to pH, temperature, metal ions, and retains its catalytic efficiency.



    The industrial enzyme market (IEM) is valued at 5 billion USD and is growing globally at 7% per year. Large emerging markets such as India and China are experiencing faster growth but this growth is biased toward food and feed products, the largest segment of the IEM. Peroxidase enzymes are currently used for water purification, textile bleaching, and in personal health items such as toothpaste and mouthwash. This novel technology has wide ranging applicability and may be licensed as a reagent/research tool.



    Peroxidase enzymes are available from renewable resources such as palm fronds but only represent a minuscule percentage of the organic matter. Endogenous proteins also exist as a variety of isoenzymes making batch-to-batch consistency problematic for industrial applications. This recombinant protein obviates both of these issues and provides a single isozyme in high yields from yeast fermentation. This yeast expression system was optimized for large-scale production using GenScript's OptimumGene™ Technology and in doing so, the researchers engineered the protein, altering its amino acid sequence. This novel gene sequence and expression system offers both “composition of matter” and an off-the-shelf, scalable, manufacturing platform.



    Provisional US patent 62/312,418 was filed on 03/23/2016.



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Qing Xiao Li
Boting Wen

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