C-Glycosylflavones for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Case ID: 01064


The available technology is a method of combating the most common brain disorder worldwide--Alzheimer’s disease. The technology is an extract of corn silk, a product that little research to date has been conducted on. More specifically, this specific corn silk extract containing C-glycosylflavones inhibits a specific kinase attributing to Alzheimer’s disease.



Functional food science, medical research, pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.



The C-glycosylflavones represent a new lead candidate with a novel mechanism of action for the development of Alzheimer’s disease phytopharmaceuticals.

Patent Information:
Qing Xiao Li
Zhibin Liang

For information, contact:
Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
(808) 956-9929

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