Spatiotemporal chaos computing with adjustable noise immunity level

Case ID: 00934


UH researchers have discovered how a lattice of chaotic systems can operate and perform computation at noise levels in which a single chaotic system fails to operate. They have demonstrated that the coupling nodes of the lattice can be used as a control parameter to adjust and tune the noise immunity level of the system allowing it to morph between different modes, including a "high performance mode," where the chaos computing nodes are individually performing different and separate types of operations in parallel, and a "robust mode", where all nodes are recruited to build one, but very robust to noise, operation.



Computing chaos systems and applications that are exposed to different environmental or other conditions, such as aerospace applications periodically exposed to high radiation. 



A chaos computing system can be designed to operate at higher noise immunity levels at the expense of a small of reduction in functionality under conditions of high noise and then return to a normal level when noise is reduced.

Patent Information:
William Ditto
Behnam Kia
Sarvenaz Kia

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Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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