Nucleotide Sequence of Shrimp Actin Promoter and Its Use in Genetic Transformation Biotechnology

Case ID: 00663


The use of molecular biology techniques to produce pathogen resistant strains of shrimp through genetic transformation technology is considered a highly promising strategy for control of shrimp viral diseases. A major challenge to current development of such technology is the lack of a suitable host-derived promoter to drive the effective expression of desirable genes in shrimp. To meet this urgent need for the development of transgenic shrimp, we have recently employed molecular cloning and sequencing techniques and isolated and identified a putative promoter gene from litopenaeus shrimp (L. vannamei), shrimp b-actin promoter. This represents the first promoter gene identified and reported from crustacean species. Biological function of newly discovered shrimp promoter has been demonstrated using a newly constructed gene expression cassette system under the control of such shrimp promoter. Experimental tests have confirmed high level of the expression of red fluorescent protein (RFP), a reporter transgene, in a variety of in vitro cell cultures derived from both mammalian and marine animal species. With the previously established jetPEI/DNA technique for gene delivery into the shrimp zygotes, this putative shrimp promoter forms the essential base for genetic shrimp transformation technology and makes it possible for the development and production of viral-resistant transgenic shrimp strains for world shrimp aquaculture.



  • Promote the expression of desirable genes in shrimp and other crustaceans
  • Produce disease-resistant transgenic shrimp and other crustaceans
  • Increase growth rate and production of shrimp and other crustaceans



  • Gene transfer technology can be simple, rapid and effective
  • Improved shrimp production and other crustacean species
  • Increased the rate of success of world shrimp aquaculture
  • Reduced shrimp aquacultured-based environmental impacts (decreased or no use of chemicals)


Patent Information:
Yuanan Lu
Marcus Soderland

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Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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