Monoclonal antibody cell lines for the insecticide "Thiamethoxam"

Case ID: 00547


The two monoclonal antibody cell lines secrete different thiamethoxam antibodies. Thiamethoxam is a new class of neo-nicotinoid insecticides that are used to treat sucking and chewing insects such as aphid, whiteflies, leadhoppers and some beetles. This class of insecticides is one of the most widely used to protect crops and environmental contamination is a possibility. To protect the consumer, a sensitive specific screening assay was needed. The antibodies can determine thiamethoxam at concentrations below 100 ppb. Immunassay companies such as EnviroLogix will use this antibody to develop an assay kit that is user friendly, portable, and has high throughput.

Patent Information:
Qing Xiao Li
Weilin Shelver

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