Long Range Remote Chemical Detection Using Compact Spectroscopy System and Low Laser Pulse Energy

Case ID: 18/0024


Remote detection of chemicals is highly desirable for homeland security, environmental and NASA planetary exploration programs. Researchers at the University of Hawaii have designed a long range remote chemical detection system that significantly improves upon current capabilities in this field. The technology combines Raman + LIBS spectroscopy into a compact system that is able to perform good quality Raman spectra and LIBS measurements from distances of several hundreds of meters utilizing low laser pulse energy with a detection time of 1 s or less.



  • Hazardous chemical detection
  • Environmental studies (e.g. monitoring chemical pollution and ocean oil spills)
  • Remote detection of minerals, biological materials, water, organics, etc.



  • Optimized for field operation
    • Compact
    • Low laser power
  • Enables detection from a safe distance
  • Quick integration times
Patent Information:
Anupam Misra
Tayro Acosta-Maeda
John Porter

For information, contact:
Ken Takeuchi
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
(808) 956-9749

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