Polymer Matrix Composites with Nano-Scale Reinforcements

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Ever since the commercial introduction of thermoset polymers, such as epoxy resins, as matrix materials for advanced composites, significant efforts have been undertaken to improve their ductility to delay crack initiations and their growths, and, in turn, to delay delamination and fracture. Efforts include the dispersion of rubber particles in the epoxy (although this method increases toughness, it often reduces stiffness and elevated temperature performance) and adding nanoparticles to vinylester, although this resulted in enhanced stiffness, the strain-to-failure and strength were actually reduced, often resulting in lower toughness.


Tech Overview


Researchers at the University of Hawaii have discovered a novel means of reinforcing brittle epoxy resin. The method relies on proper nanoparticle and/or nanomaterials dispersion in a high temperature epoxy resin at a very low concentration, which makes this technology economical. These nanoparticle/nanomaterials‑based nanocomposites provide substantial enhancements of tensile strength, strain-to-failure, toughness, as well as fracture toughness.


Benefits & Improvements


These nanocomposites will provide weight and cost savings as well as many performance enhancements:

  • Stronger Tougher
  • Increased strain to failure Increased fracture toughness




  • Space and aerospace Automotive
  • Plastics Construction Sporting goods
  • Ships & Boats


Patent Information:
Mehrdad Nejhad
Vinod Veedu

For information, contact:
Ken Takeuchi
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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