HydroxiRem - The Most Cost-Effective Advanced Oxidative Process for Wastewater Purification

Case ID: 00493


University of  Hawai‘i inventors have developed a novel “Advanced Oxidative Process” for wastewater purification.  This system is effective at 1/10 the cost of activated carbon and is a heterogeneous system capable of completely destroying persistent and difficult organic contaminants in wastewater streams.  The solid metal powder is primarily iron (Fe-0) with a small amount of a secondary metal catalyst.  In addition to its efficiency at removing organic contaminants this system is also a highly effective disinfectant.  Field trials with Scotts® Turf Builder® have demonstrated that this technology is exceptional at removing the pesticides and herbicides persistent in their wastewater. 


    Wastewater treatment is a $200 Billion market with clear applications to oil refinery sludge, fracking sludge, textile dye removal, polyester wastewater purification, and countless others.  Because of the benign nature of the residuals, this system is also ideal for in situ remediation of groundwater.



    HydroxiRem™ is currently the single most cost effective treatment for the destruction of difficult-to-degrade organic molecules, regardless of solid, liquid, or gaseous state.  Compared with traditional costs of $150/ton (RCRA refinery sludge) HydroxiRem™ costs are $50/ton.  Organics are decomposed to carbon dioxide, water and minerals and this technology can be quickly implemented into large-scale purification systems with minimal changes to equipment and processes.



    US patent 8,048,317 B2 was published on 11/01/2011.


Patent Information:
Jamil Rima
Qing Xiao Li
Lizette Aouezova

For information, contact:
Kenneth Takeuchi
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
(808) 956-9749

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