Two-Dimensional Digital Surfaced Grid of High Resolution Bathymetry (Including SeaBeam multibeam) and Topography around the Island of Hawaii

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A digital two-dimensional grid of position and elevation data for the land and sea portions of the Big Island of Hawai’i, also referred to as a Digital Elevation Model. This grid is composed of various marine and subaerial survey data from numerous sources, most of which are publicly available for nominal fees from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC). This technology improves and combines the geographically separate NGDC data into a format readily usable in The GMT-System(TM), a public domain software. The grid can produce contour maps, color-shaded relief perspective-like images, and 3D fly through's. Application in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is another option. Scientists can produce base maps to overlay their own data and the grid can be loaded into other programs to help in the analysis of other data types.



  • Scientists interested in ocean floors, volcanology, or physical geography for the Hawaiian islands
  • Graphic designers/artists



The novelty offered with this technology includes the time and techniques of collecting, reformatting, editing, filtering, and gridding the publicly available data, resulting in a digital grid immediately useable to map and display any portion of the gridded area in any form supported by the GMT-System.

Patent Information:
John Smith
Theresa (terri) Duennebier

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Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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