A combined instrument for Raman and LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown) spectrometry, utilizing a single laser source and single spectrograph

Case ID: 00660


Scientists at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology (HIGP) have developed a system which can perform both Raman spectroscopy and LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) using a single laser source, a spectrograph equipped with a multichannel detector. Raman spectroscopy provides the molecular vibrational spectra and is widely used technique for positive identification of a molecule from their Raman fingerprints. LIBS produces atomic spectra of the ionized plasms on the material surface, and is used for identification of atoms present in the material. The combined system can do both Raman and LIBS spectroscopies simultaneously. The system operates at stand-off distances and provides a powerful remote sensing capability by recording both Raman and LIBS data.


  • Remote identification of chemicals, explosives, gases, and other materials of interest
  • Can also be redesign to perform micro-Raman and micro LIBS analysis for laboratory use which have applications in trace/residue analysis and can analyze very small samples in nanogram amount


  • Provides both atomic emission spectra and Raman spectra (vibrational modes) and to produce a complete spectroscopy identification of material of interest
  • Single laser source requires less power
Patent Information:
Anupam Misra
Shiv Sharma
Paul Lucey

For information, contact:
Ken Takeuchi
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
(808) 956-9749

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