Smart Actuator for Medical Device Locating and Positioning

Case ID: 01143


The invention involves the use of advanced materials and actuators to assist in the positioning of medical devices inserted using transcatheter approaches. The actuator device utilizes shape memory components that are able to achieve movements in multiple directions and resume their original shape in response to selective actuation. Attachment of the actuator behind devices for transcatheter surgical approaches could enable more precise, faster and automated placement of the device.



  • Locating and positioning devices used to treat mitral valve diseases
    • Mitral regurgitation
  • Could also be useful in other transcatheter surgical procedures



  • More precise and faster placement of medical devices using transcatheter approaches
  • Facilitates transcatheter approaches which are less invasive and safer than open heart surgical procedures
  • Lowers overall procedure time, improves recovery time
  • Uses advanced materials
  • Lower power consumption
  • Novel control algorithms have been developed for accurate control of the device
  • Achieves accurate multi-directional manipulation without utilization of additional sensors
Patent Information:
Bardia Konh

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