Titanocene-Gold Derivatives as Chemotherapeutics for Renal Cancer

Case ID: 01062



Gold complexes have shown promise in cancer chemotherapy, with several compounds having overcome cisplatin resistance of specific cancer cells, furthering their appeal. Early-transition metal complexes, particularly titanocene-based complexes, are another class of compounds being explored for cancer chemotherapy. Recently novel metallodrugs have been successfully explored as potential cancer chemotherapeutics, including recent clinical trials with gold and ruthenium derivatives.


Dr. Joe W. Ramos, professor and deputy director at the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center, and his colleague, Dr. Maria Contel, professor at the City University of New York, have developed novel heterometallic, titanocene-gold, compounds that have demonstrated impressive in vitro and in vivo activity against renal cancer (human Caki-1 xenografts in mice) while displaying a mode of action different from that of cisplatin.


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Patent Information:
Joe Ramos
Maria Contel
Jacob Fernandez-Gallardo
Benelita Elie

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Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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