A novel Stat3 inhibitor that suppresses growth, viability, survival and migration of human breast and glioma cells in vitro

Case ID: 00937


Researchers have discovered a new chemical compound that blocks the cancer causing biological molecule called Stat3, and by doing so controls growth and existence of human cancer cells. The compound strongly inhibits the activated form of Stat3, and consequently attenuates Stat3 functions in cancer cells. Accordingly, treatment of human breast cancer and glioma cells in culture leads to inhibition of cell growth and survival, and the ability of the tumor cells to migrate. Altogether, the studies provide data to support the compound as a potential new drug to treat human cancers that show evidence of activated Stat3, including breast cancer and glioma. Other cancers for possible treatment with compound include pancreatic, prostate, lung cancers, and many others.



Treatment of breast cancer and glioma, pancreatic, prostate, lung, and other cancers.



Because of the unique and specific mechanism by which it exerts its effect, the compound may be less toxic and predominantly control tumor cells that contain the abnormal Stat3 protein.


Patent Information:
James Turkson
Patrick Gunning
Sina Haftchenary

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Ann Park
Technology Licensing Associate
University of Hawaii
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